With only 103 sq. ft. to work with, floor space has to be optimized. One big difference I notice between most RVs and tiny houses is the latter usually takes advantage of a bit higher ceilings to make room for a bedroom loft. It’s a great way to make use of the 13’ 6” allowable road height for trailers without sacrificing valuable floor space for a permanent bed.

Loft Head Height
Plenty of room for sitting up to read a book.

Since I’ll be either sleeping or reading 99% of the time I’m in bed, I don’t need much headroom. Lucky for me, the wedge shape of my trailer frame allows for three and a half feet of vertical room at the head of the mattress. Space is a bit more cramped at the foot of the loft at just over 2 feet to the ceiling, so I’ve recessed the loft entrance 28” back to a point where the clearance is close to 3 feet.

Loft Ladder Height
Recessing part of the loft floor adds a much needed 6" of head clearance when climbing up the ladder.

Since the loft is the most confined space in the house, I knew it would need lots of natural lighting. That’s why there’s a huge 6’ x 3’ casement window at the rear, and two 2’ x 2’ casement windows on the sides. Skylights seem to be all the rage in tiny homes, and I’ve added a large 56” VELUX directly above the mattress for stargazing on cool, clear nights. And it opens wide enough to reach the solar panels for occasional cleaning, so that’ll keep me from having to climb onto the roof.

I’m still trying to figure out the ladder situation. It seems to be a common point of interest for most tiny houses. The shelving staircase used in Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses’ Boulder plan is attractive and clever. But I want to be careful about adding permanent stairs; if I don’t use the storage I’ll be tempted to tear it down and find a more efficient way to climb into the loft. Right now the plan is to reinforce the shelving near the TV to double as a ladder, or build a thin metal ladder that attaches to the loft edge and tucks away into the pocket door nook when not in use. We’ll see.

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